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These are some pictures that I've taken, or had taken of me. There are a lot of pictures here, so if you are planning on looking at all of them--which you are welcome to do--then I hope that you have a fast connection or a lot of patience.

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YellowArrow  Mom Visit 1999

My mom is currently staying with me for the month of July 1999. She drove down with her friend Karin and these galleries contain some pictures of the sights that we've seen so far.

Santa Cruz

We went to Santa Cruz on June 5. Spent a day checking out the local sights.

North Bay Tour

We drove around the north bay on July 4, and saw Napa, Sausalito and the Golden Gate Bridge.


YellowArrow  Ski Trip 1999

I went to Lake Tahoe with some friends on President's Day, 1999 for a day of snowboarding/skiing. This section contains some pictures of that misadventure.

Ski Tahoe!!!

Pictures of my day snowboarding at Lake Tahoe.


YellowArrow  Christmas in Canada

I went back home to Canada for Christmas 1998. Here are some pictures of my family and I.

Christmas Day

Pictures of Christmas Day. That would be gifts and stuff.

Group Pictures

Group Pictures of my family.

Cold Canada

It's called the Great White North for a reason.


YellowArrow  Florida


I took a trip to Florida to visit my ex-roommate, Arie, in September. I visited the Kennedy Space Center, the Beach, and Disney World, and returned with these pictures to document my adventures.

Rocket Garden

The "Rocket Garden" at Kennedy Space Center (KSC). They have a number of full size mock-ups of historical rockets at this exhibit.

Shuttle Launch Area

This is the shuttle launch area at KSC. There are two launch pads here for the shuttles. When I visited, the shuttle that was to take John Glenn into orbit was out at one of the pads.

Saturn V

The Saturn V exhibit at KSC. This is an exhibit relating to the historic manned lunar missions.

Space Station

The International Space Station construction facility, a close up of the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB).


Some more pictures of me in Florida, on the beach and at Disney World.



YellowArrow  Cats


I have a two cats that keep me company. People that have cats would agree that cats are very photogenic. (And if you are not one of those people, then it is likely that pictures of cats will put you to sleep faster than, well a cat on a warm lap.)


This is my original cat page. Most of the photos on this page are from video capture.

Playful kitties

Here are some shots of my cats in some interesting positions.

Sleepy kitties

After play, there's always the down time...

Outdoor ventures

Adventures in the great outdoors (outdoor patio, that is).


I've just scanned in some pictures of my cats when they were kittens. Kittens are always cute.



YellowArrow  Mom in San Francisco

My mom came here for a visit in June of 1997. We did all the usual tourist things, like the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, and Monterey.

San Francisco

Checking out Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco and visiting relatives in Oakland.


We are riding the cable cars and playing tourist in San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge

Touring the Golden Gate Bridge.


A visit to Monterey and Carmel.



YellowArrow  Bay Area

Pictures from my adventures around the Bay Area. This area is under construction. Check back soon for updates.



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