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Welcome to Mike's Catcams

I like to spy on my cats by keeping two cameras running in my apartment. The first one (which has been running since December, 1998) is in my bedroom, which features a nice big comfortable bed. I just installed a new camera in my living room, where they are also known to hang out. The images update about once every five minutes, and shutoff around 6:30 pm.

Bedroom Cam

Living Room Cam

Bedroom Cam

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Livingroom: Last updated September 2, 1999

Bedroom: Last updated November 2, 1999

NOTE: The archive is still online, but I am no longer posting updates on a daily basis. This is because it takes too long to create the archive movies, and it's a tedious manual process. I will, on occasion, post archive movies if there is something particularly interesting that happened during the day.

Download a time-lapse movie of the last day's images. There are two versions of this movie. The first version is a RealVideo file and is reasonably small and thus is suitable for downloads over a modem. The second version is a higher-quality QuickTime movie and is larger is size requiring more time to download. If you need RealPlayer or QuickTime then click on the appropriate icon at the bottom of this page.

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