Our Field Trip to SIGGRAPH '97

Click on the picture for a close-up
What is this thing???
8:55AM - Arrive at LAX.
In front of the Convention Center
9:22 AM - In front of the convention center with two of our content developers.
Inside the Convention Center
10:00 AM - Inside the convention center.
Nothing to see here, so move along..
10:10 AM - Noise, lights and "Men in Black" trailers at 6 booths.
It's Mesh Man!!!
12:06 PM - The front of our booth, with plenty of interested spectators.
Isn't that cool?!?
12:07 PM - Giving a demo to a rapt audience.
Concrete Spaghetti Ahead
5:50 PM - Approaching one of LA's infamous and confusing interchanges.
Home sweet home
8:00 PM - Back Home, flying over downtown San Jose.