Mulholland Double 2010


Mulholland Double: Well, I finished the thing

Summary I didn’t have great legs for this ride, had to repair a bent chain, and had a nice bonk at the end. I give details below. Maybe not epic by some standards, but given my previous attempt at this ride, it seems about par for the course.

Maui Vacation


Tina and I just got back from a fine vacation on Maui. It was a most excellent adventure, with cycling, snorkeling, and fun at the amusement-park of a resort that we stayed at while on Maui.

As usual, I took a few photos here and there and posted them right here.



I’ve just finished updating the look of the website. This was a convoluted process, updating the style-sheets and what-not to Movable Type 4.1. Needless to say I won’t drive you away by boring you with the gory details, leaving me, but I think it looks pretty good.

I’ve also been working on the Team Super Tabby website, and the things I’ve learned when I was making the changes here will be put to good use.

Going Bowling


Tyler and Jasmine had their 5th birthday party, and it was at a bowling alley. They had fun chucking their bowling balls down the lane. Fortunately, there were rails up to keep the ball from always going into the gutter. Pictures are here


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